Trade with confidence, profit with ease.

War of Coins is a cutting-edge DeFi options platform that supplies fast-paced and simplified options trading for cryptocurrencies.

War of Coins is the world's first ultra-short maturity options trading platform launched on Polygon mainnet. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a beginner, War of Coins offers a user-friendly and stimulating experience that will take your trading to the next level.


What is War of Coins?

The War of Coins Arena is the main dApp in the War of Coins ecosystem. Arena simplifies the options trading process by focusing on the basics, only requiring traders to decide on the price direction of the asset (either call or put) as purchase windows open every hour and maturities happen 30 minutes after the purchase window closes.

At maturity, our smart contract automatically evaluates the trade’s outcome and credits the trader’s account with the returns, which can reach up to 100 times the purchase amount. Other than European-style options, traders will be able to exit positions before maturity (American-style).

War of Coins Highlights

With War of Coins, you can feel confident in your options trading endeavors.


All options mature in 90 minutes or less, providing real-time updates and keeping the process engaging. With 24 sessions per day, traders have more opportunities to make more trades due to the ultra-short maturities in comparison to traditional options contracts.

Offers Low Risk and High Profits

Option buyers have an opportunity to achieve gains of up to 100 times their initial option purchase amount, limiting their risk to the purchase amount.

Simple to Use

Our platform is extremely simple to use, requiring you to only choose the direction of the cryptocurrency price - up or down. As the price moves further in your chosen direction, your potential profit increases.


At War of Coins, we prioritize transparency and fairness. All purchases, prices, profits, and results are committed to a public blockchain via smart contract, ensuring that the process is quick, transparent, and cannot be modified.


Our advanced pricing engine utilizes proprietary mathematical models to calculate the probability of future price movements in a short period shown on the price ladders for call and put options.

Backed by AMM

Our liquidity pool serves as an automated option writer and provides a 100% guarantee of position coverage based on pool size.


Our team has been working tirelessly to design and develop an innovative options trading platform that will revolutionize the way people approach cryptocurrency trading. We've launched on Polygon ($MATIC) mainnet on April 8th, 2024. Be sure to follow our social media to stay in touch with our updates! 

2022 Q3
Designing the option pricing model.
2022 Q4
Designing the option trading product.
2023 Q1
Debut of the project.
2023 Q2
Demo dApp launched.
2024 Q1
Rollout of the project on mainnet.
2024 Q3
Token issuing and listing.
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