Attention warriors! Are you ready to take your coin-collecting skills to the next level? Join the mighty War of Coins Legion and unlock a world of additional rewards!

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Legion Ranks

Make your way to the top! Lead the Legion by becoming a Legatus! Enjoy the benefits and recognition that come with being a valued member of the Legion!

When you first join War of Coins, you're automatically assigned the rank of a regular member. Have fun trading, and don't forget to bring your friends along to level up whenever you want.


A Tiro was a novice or basic trainee.

A Tiro was a novice or basic trainee who was just beginning their journey towards greatness. Similarly, this starter tier of the War of Coins Legion offers a powerful starting point for those who are just beginning to explore War of Coins.


An Optio was appointed by each Centurion to serve as their second-in-command.

The Optio was the trusted right-hand man of the Centurion. Similarly, the second lowest tier of the War of Coins Legion is a position of importance, where you can earn rewards from not only your first, but also your second generation of referrals!


Centurions were officer ranks and considered the backbone of the army.

Just as the Centurions were the backbone of the ancient army, the middle tier of the War of Coins Legion is vital. As a member of this rank, you'll have the power to earn rewards not just from your first generation of referrals, but all the way up to the fourth.


The Primipilus was the senior centurion of the entire Legion and the commander of the first cohort.

Rejoice, for you have reached the second best rank within the War of Coins Legion! With this rank, you'll unlock rewards and benefits that extend from your first generation of referrals all the way to the sixth!


A Legatus was a high-ranking senatorial officer who commanded a legion, serving as the deputy of the emperor.

Behold the ultimate pinnacle of achievement within the War of Coins Legion! Once you reach this prestigious rank, you'll unlock benefits and rewards that span all the way from your first generation of referrals to the seventh!


Membership Benefits

Team up with your fellow legionaries by referring your friends and climbing the ranks together, all while earning epic rewards along the way!

Token Rewards

When you refer new members to join the War of Coins Legion using your unique referral link, you’ll have the opportunity to rise to the
next Legion rank and earn additional War of Coins tokens through our reward programs.

Trading Profit Bonus

At the end of each dividend cycle, a percentage of the profits made from the liquidity pool is set aside and added to the trading profit bonus pool. The trading profit bonus pool is then distributed based on the trading volume of your Legionaries relative to the War of Coins Arena trading volume, and rewards are allocated according to your referral network size and positions!

Clime the Ranks!

Use your unique referral link and invite your friends to join War of Coins! New members will be considered as regular Legionaries. Once members make their first trade on Arena, they will then be considered to be an “Active Legionary”. Every active legionary you recruit will get you one step closer to the next rank. As you climb the ranks, you unlock access to higher reward tiers!

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