Battle it out with your choice of coins with our fast-paced, simplified options trading platform! Act fast for big rewards as the earlier you make your move, the higher the potential payout can be. Simply choose the direction that you think the price would go, and the payouts can go up to 100x! So, strike while the iron is hot!

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Strike while the iron’s hot! The sooner you act, the greater your potential profit and token box rewards can be.

How to trade?

Advanced options pricing model

War of Coins offers an advanced option pricing model that has been meticulously developed and tested by our team to revolutionize short-term trading strategies. With War of Coins, traders can trade with confidence, knowing that their trades are backed by advanced technology and smart risk management policies.

The most widely used option pricing model is based on the work of Black-Sholes and Merton, in terms of price fluctuations distribution model, we’ve discovered that random walk assumption, aka Normal distribution does not work well for short term price fluctuations with significant “fat tails” effect, instead, Student’s t-distribution is a better suit especially for ultra-short term price movement.

The volatility prediction model is based on mean absolute deviation (MAD) metric. The model combines historical data from different ranges to deliver volatility estimate that is
● Robust, so single spike in the price does not produce long lasting effects.
● Fast, reacting quickly to the change in volatility that can be caused by multitude of external factors.

Based on fluctuations distribution model and volatility prediction model, the options pricing model produce the return payout ladder as the final result for user purchase at real time.

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